Savor the moment. Let the experience sink in. Take your time.

I do not do any of these things. As this moment, I have five tabs open in my browser and about ten books in progress in my Kindle. I can barely complete one thought before moving on to another.

I do not savor. I suffer.

I do not embrace meditation and take deep breaths. I am not present.

And I need to be. Because life is going by too fast and I am still living like I am waiting for the next big event.

Right now, I am 15 weeks pregnant. But I am impatient to meet my second son. I want to see what he look likes, and how he’ll interact with his big brother. But I need to slow down and feel the little movements in my body. The growth of my belly. Revel in the fact that I got pregnant naturally this time, without the aid of injectables and doctor-assisted inseminations. I need to be in the moment, and take note of the upcoming 6 months before my son is born.

Slow down and take a breath.


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